Lip Service

“I’ll call you later” he said.

I waited, staying up late into the night but my phone never rang. Disappointed again, I finally turned off my cell phone and took my tired body to bed.

Our trusting natures are whittled down by life’s experiences and many are seemingly small to the “caller” in life but never to the one waiting for the “call”. Have you ever met that small child who is so willing to believe you have something special in your closed hand? Over and over again they will choose the ‘left or right’ fist; that is, until the game is played just one too many times with the “something special” not being delivered.

Lip service is so common practice in our generation we don’t even look at it anymore for what it really is; a lie.

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  1. OUCH!!!! In a good way! I like a message that stings, and challenges me. That’s a good word Debra….that’s TRUTH!

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