Unrequited Love

Unrequited love is the most exasperating kind there is. To chase after someone who doesn’t acknowledge your love back.

I had been that lover of self, ignoring the beauty offered me. I snubbed the heart of one who had shown me mercy and compassion. I ignored His pleas to come to Him. I preferred the party of the world and my own attentions.

Still He chased me with tender calls in the night; in the quiet moments of pain he poured soothing oils upon my open wounds. I did not thank Him. I did not stop to look at His open arms waiting to hold me, to help me heal. I ran as fast as I could in other directions. When He’d call me with whispers of love I would turn up the volume around me louder so as to drown out what He was speaking.

I called Him a liar when He had only spoke to me in truth. I tormented His heart when I accused Him of letting me down, though I had never asked His help in such moments of need. I dressed Him up in the clothes of clowns and fools. In time I knew He would lose interest in me.

I was wrong. My faithful lover waited for me. He still desired me though I had sullied myself with the filth of the world. He had numbered my wanderings and put my tears into His bottle. I do not deserve His love but He forgives me all. He washes me clean and removes my shame. His love is wondrous and bountiful, why had I ignored it for so long? He comforts me in the night and fills me with joy in the days. I now run to be in His arms, I long for His coming again.

Sol 1:2 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth-for your love is more delightful than wine.

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  1. This is His unrelenting love for us….how amazing! Debra, you are really becoming a good writer! You express yourself so beautifully to where we, your readers, can feel what you are feeling. You have a wide range of writing skills….witt and humor, depth and emotion, simplicity. This is good! God is GOOD! Thanks for sharing!

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