Need Help

We had been to a local produce market and as we finished putting our vegetables and fruits in the back of our car some women stopped their car behind us asking directions. With strange accents they asked for directions for the nearby Walmart. Trying to give them some brief instructions of how to find it up the road, my husband and I looked at each other knowing what we had to do. “Follow us okay?” I said.

The woman driving smiled widely asking, “Really?” I couldn’t resist nodding with laughter back in agreement. Following us a couple miles back up the freeway, we pointed the women into the huge parking lot while they passed waving from their car.

Turning into the huge asphalt lot we saw a woman in a wheelchair sitting on the corner at the exit road with some sort of sign. Looking at my husband I didn’t need to say anything, he nodded in silent agreement. I checked my wallet which only had a couple bills but we exited our vehicle. Not wanting to be saps it was time to learn more.

The walk felt long and we were exposed to onlookers in the semi-empty parking lot. Arriving at the corner we met the woman with her handwritten cardboard sign asking for help. Smiling at us we were immediately taken by her friendly demeanor. She was dressed in shabby clothing and her body had seen better days. She sat in a worn wheelchair but her smile was one of a child with hope.

Cars drove by and the occupants stared at us. Ignoring these eyes upon us we gave this woman our full attention. She had hit hard times and her van needed to be fixed. Clearly she had to swallow any pride to ask for this kind of help but she was desperate. To our surprise she knew Jesus offered hope. We prayed with her there on that corner laying down any pride or embarrassment we had been carrying. Giving her the few bills we had in our wallets we walked away to pick up some bottles of water for her.

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  1. Amazing – today in a somewhat simular kind of instance, I was in the Walmart line with two men behind me, one explaining to the other the difference of Pepsi & Coke. I had to turn my head a wee bit to see who would be having this conversation. It was two grown men, as I smiled and went to turn my head back around the mentally retarded man said to who appeared to be his brother ” He had a WONDERFUL day sharing it with him”. As I loaded my bags into my cart the cashier began to ring the mans picked choise of Pepsi up, only to realize he was short money. I turned with out a thought and handed him 50 cents. His response would have seemed to a on looker like I had handed him a $100 bill. I smiled to see what such a small gesture could mean to someone. As I started to walk off I heard him tell his brother I bet God loves her like he does us, his brother stated I am sure he does. Best 50 cents I have ever spent 🙂

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