Tree Gestapos

My husband unit hacked up our gorgeous tree this afternoon in anticipation of a visit from the “tree police”. Now mind you we had no idea these persons even existed until we got an unexpected ticket posted on our door a couple years ago. They actually threatened to fine us for our tree providing too much shade! In their speak they felt our tree branches hung too low. Now by our measurements a semi-truck would have had to drive right next to the curb to have been hit by these low-hanging limbs so I refused to trim the tree. Even sitting atop a horse on the sidewalk you wouldn’t have been hit by these things so I blew the “post-it” ticket off.

A week later we came home from work to find another “post-it” attached to the front door of a brighter color and with more forceful language. They had actually scheduled a date they would return to inspect our limbs and fine us if need be! I was disturbed that our city was paying this busybody to go about our lovely neighborhoods and ticket home owners for their shady limbs.

My reaction was of course one of rebellion! I was ready to take on this “Tree Gestapo” by posting a huge sign on my tree trunk with the words “persecuted” on it. The husband unit felt it would be wiser to trim the branches and not get the ticket. I tucked my wee tail of defiance between my legs out of respect to “the man” I love for the greater good of household peace.

I have a dark side I have not shared with “the man”. As I helped him chop up our lovely branches yet again this year I keep my eyes pealed, waiting to see the “Tree Gestapo” tagging another home. One day I will identify this city employee and I will pursue him in the love I am taught. For every limb he has made us chop away I have a seedling for his own yard. In my heart I want them to be healthy seeds but one can never tell where a weed may find its way in.

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