Artistic Expressions

Like any story told it is easier to convey thoughts without speaking at all simply by sharing a picture. For that purpose we enjoy art of all sorts. Things inexpressible for words come alive in color, music, sculpture, smells and a thousand other things I myself cannot express.

Not everyone likes to read. Some of us are simply wired in ways to enjoy our other senses. As a writer it is often incomprehensible to understand others not enjoying a written story. Mine is an imagination where I live inside my own head. For everything I see outwardly I can change and manipulate inwardly to make a thousand varied stories based on my senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. A gift for sure but not one I can claim as the ‘end to all’ for expression. I enjoy the artistic expressions others have that don’t even come close to my own understanding. All I can say is “beautiful”!

I can write about the flowers I saw but nothing would beat seeing them, touching them or smelling them. The master of all art is brilliant! Thank you Lord!

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