Responsibility Hours Away

My mental thought process can come and go in waves with very little coming to mind or an overload of input. This day we are to fly back to California and I find myself wondering about the past few days. There is certainly a peace about being in vacation mode where the biggest decision to be made is “what shall I wear”?

My husband and I will be flying back down to California later this afternoon and I have to admit I am not quite ready to put off my relaxed mindset. The hustle and bustle of caring for a house, pets, chores, bills and dare I say…the job. It’s kind of a fine line to walk between being relaxed or putting off responsibility.

Responsibility is hours away…I think I’ll stay in lounge pajamas and my socks.

Site Attack

My site has been under some kind of spam attack recently. It seems I have drawn attention from some overseas server that would like to keep me targeted for a bit. Like any attack I will persevere and do what I can to shut the annoyances down.