Nothing Needed To Be Said

Walking down to the lake-shore Heather turned over one of the canoes on the shoreline. Pulling it into the water she stepped inside the small boat. While still standing she picked up the wooden oar using it to push against the rocky sand below the surface, propelling the canoe forward. Heather did this until the oar could no longer reach the bottom. Sitting down she began to use the oar to paddle the canoe in an easterly direction.

The morning air was crisp. Setting the oar down in her lap, Heather pulled the zipper of her fleece hoodie up to her chin. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out her sunglasses and put them on. The sun’s rising orb reflected off the water’s smooth surface like a mirror, doubling the brightness. Looking at the shoreline she saw majestic pines and could smell their refreshing scent. She marveled at the beauty of her surroundings.

Once more she picked up the oar and began paddling in a smooth rhythm. Humming she began to pray without words. Nothing needed to be said, only enjoyed.

Not Forgotten

Sitting still, I closed my eyes listening to the soft playing of a piano. While resting, I began to see faces in my mind of people I’ve had the privilege to pray with. One man in particular came to the forefront of my thoughts. He was homeless at the time and his name was William. I met him in San Francisco years ago. During a heavy rain storm he came under our tent asking some of us to pray for him. Afterwards while hugging me he spoke something into my ear; he asked me not to forget him.

It’s been five years since that meeting and I have not forgotten William and still pray for him. My heart feels an emotional pang understanding how much he means to my heavenly Father. When I think about William I hear, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

A great ache I carry in my heart is the desire to see William walking with Jesus in conversation, and that William would hear Jesus say, “I heard when you asked not to be forgotten, and you never were.” I carry that desire for all who have been prayed for by others.

*Scripture reference from Heb 13:5