What happens when what you were guarding against is now the very thing you are expected to guard?

I Had A Dream

Come with me into the dream of hope. Imagine a life without pain, without offense, without distrust, without poverty, without sickness, without war, without tears….now get the revelation it’s not a dream but a promise. His name is Jesus.

Expected Of Me

My head ached within and without. I swallowed some aspirin to deal with the pain I could. The deeper pain I trusted to the Master Healer. Mentally I just wanted to curl up and hug my knees. This outward expression would raise too many questions. I went about the day instead, being upright and mobile. I did exactly what was expected of me….

Instant Response

Silence can be both, helpful or harmful. Solomon shared his wisdom in Ecclesiastes,a time to keep silence, and a time to speak”. James was even more directional when he shared, So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath”.

We live in a culture where it’s common for us to read/send tweets, facebook, text messages, news headlines and all are offering opinions or asking questions. I was just considering the habits we pick up from our culture. We are being indoctrinated to the habitual instant response.

In our instant response we sometimes miss the opportunity to really think about what has been said, but more importantly, how we should pay attention to the fact our words matter. Solomon shared wisdom on this with, “Words can bring death or life! Talk too much, and you will eat everything you say”.

In silence we can gain the wisdom to listen carefully, so when it is time to speak, we may have the right thing needing to be said.

* References from (NKJV Ecc b 3:7, Jam 1:19, CEV Pro 18:21)

Time To Ask

I write for the Lord and I am good with that. For the moment I need to ask Him if I am to say anything more?

Driveway Sunshine

I sat in the sun with a friend in her driveway. She had found photos of her life and I was privileged to share the memories with her as she laughed.

Cry For Help

A cry for help went out from the man without a home. Someone handed him a bible and he wants to read it but doesn’t know how.

A cry for help went out from the woman who missed her children. Someone handed her a bible and she accepts it speaks of good things. In her pain she dulls herself with alcohol and can’t read it in her altered state.

A cry for help went out from the man who is dying of disease. Someone handed him a bible. He leaves the book on the bench since he has no glasses to read what it says.

Those crying for help need to see the living word in us when they can’t read the bible.

Shock To The System

In a moment of weakness I found strength to be direct in my love. I spoke of how I didn’t mean to be a “shock to the system” but I spoke in error. I meant every word I said in love. I spoke from the very depths of the love in my heart. My words indeed were to be a shock to the system, to reawaken their love too.

The Answer To If

If I could only glimpse You, maybe I’d believe

If I could only hear You, maybe I’d believe

If I could only touch You, maybe I’d believe

Did you see My face in the hungry

Did you hear My voice in the crying

Did you reach for My hand when I was sick

If I could only feel You, maybe I’d believe

If You would only love me, maybe I’d believe

Did you hold Me close when I was lonely

Did you ignore My invitation to come closer

If I could only do it my way, maybe I’d believe

You don’t really want ME

So you won’t believe