Quiet Conversation

My mind is in a peaceful mood and I look forward to just kicking back to enjoy dinner with the husband and have a quiet conversation. He is such a gentle spirit, I am quite calmed being in his presence. I am forever enamored of my heavenly Father’s favor when He matched us together.

Annoyed By The Noise

Today I have simply been annoyed to extremes. It was absolutely beautiful and I was even off a touch early from work. Everywhere I went and even around my own home I was blasted with noise pollution! What happened to the joys of listening to birds chirp or a soft breeze rustling our trees. Instead every joker within earshot is grabbing some kind of noise making power tool to send decibles soaring.

New Band On The Block

There’s a new band on the block and lucky us get to have them practicing right next door. Learning to have even more patience is testing me again. Most of me just wants to knock on the garage and give them a truthful review so they will disband right then and there, never again to pick up a guitar pick. I wonder if it would be doing them a favor to smash the dream before it ever takes a foothold?

Nah, I’m pretty sure that thought is “wrong” but lacking maturity I took it out to play with it for a few minutes anyway.

High Road

Taking the high road doesn’t feel as good as it sounds. You’d think your perspective would be “so above it” but instead, as you slog through, your feet feel heavy and tired from the slime and mud trying to stick to you.

I felt side swiped today by persons whom I keep trying to love and support, even when they act anything but lovable. I had to take myself to a quiet spot and cry over this one to my heavenly Father. My soul felt wounded in my integrity and character. As I talked to my Father the tears came and the death of my pride began once more.

As I walk this high road sometimes I feel alone but then I remember it’s a journey and I will run into my help mates just up around the bend.

1 Pet 4:8  And above all things have fervent love for one another, for “love will cover a multitude of sins.”

Chipmunk Voices Out Of The Stereo

My car usually has a dozen or more cds at any given time for reasons that are obvious when one commutes. A couple weeks back however odd things started happening with my stereo. It seemed to have a mind of its own and would start fast forwarding songs at chipmunk voice speed.

I thought I’d live with it for a while and threw my backup mp3 deck under the seat with a set of buds if I got desperate. My husband drove this weekend and flat out told me, “this is unacceptable!” I have to say it amused me. I adore the side of him that is so decisive and confident.

I had to catch a ride home today since he took my car to go handle business. There was a time not that long ago I would have agonized about not being the one to make choices and decisions but I have to admit there is much relief at not having to deal with the store scene. My commute tomorrow ought to be interesting….

Pinapple Sage

Wandering through a farmer’s market in Davis today my mind kept being led back to “pineapple sage” every time I looked at fresh herbs. I don’t use the stuff but it smells so wonderful my imagination takes off with possibilities.

Possibilities is what life is all about….yes?

Writing A Letter

“Haven’t heard from you” read the letter and I felt bad. I had used my ability, time and voice to lift a friend up for a long while but then I hit my own bad spot and suddenly my tools found themselves idle. No one was responsible for these tools sitting unused except me. At this moment I didn’t feel my voice could even be heard let alone used to lift up friends.

A couple weeks went by and another letter came reading, “did I say something wrong?”, again I felt bad but I didn’t pick up my tools even then. “What did I have to say right now that would be of any value?” I thought. I let the letter get laid beneath a book on my desk.

Only a week went by this time and another letter arrived. This one was written in blunt language with pointed love, “I know you my friend, something’s wrong so you better just tell me.” I had been called out in truth. It was time to sit down and write again….now where to begin?

The Rain Would Be Back

valley-viewThe clouds thickened overhead and covered distant mountains so my vision was limited to the valley floors. Even then I couldn’t clearly make out all the suburbs. It had been a long time since I had been up this way and I remembered the family of deer I had seen here last spring. Looking around it was obvious they still came to this grassy area to lay down for rest.

I sat next to my best friend and husband, sharing this peaceful moment. I wanted to linger until my heart had nothing more to offer. An older guy with a camera was somewhere nearby but he was discreetly keeping his distance, affording us some privacy for conversation.

We didn’t need to speak too much. Our daily minutia didn’t belong here. We spoke at length to our heavenly Father, in awe of His beauty, mercy and power. The rain was going to be back again soon, it was time to get up and move on.

I Want A Do-Over

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Some days just come and go so fast I am left looking at the dusk of it wondering “what did I do with it?” Wouldn’t it be great to have a do-over only you actually get to choose what you really wanted to do? I am pretty sure I would have taken a pass on work today. My mind fills with great scenes of the outdoors to be one with nature.

More To Come

The air was cold and crisp despite the sun’s bright rays. We hit the track late in the afternoon but it was good timing, not many people out today. It’d been a while since I had been for a good hike so my flesh groaned a bit. As we walked side by side I enjoyed the quiet thoughts of my husband. They fluctuated between deep discussion to easy fluff. I loved his company. I felt I could be myself with this man and I had nothing to hide. Even so I know, and so does he, there is more to come from our relationship.