Her call was touching to my heart and while we prayed I heard her voice break with tears. She said it’d been a while since she’d had that kind of relief. In our discussion I recognized fear and condemnation had taken its toll to the point she wanted to quit; admitting thoughts of going back to the world she came out of. I understood her well from my own past battles. Using all the truth in my heart, I reached out to grab her hand in the spirit, helping her back up onto her feet.

A scene from a book I’d read long ago came to mind. It was children playing war games to train for future battles. The children often took many hits from their enemy’s weapons, leaving them frozen and immobilized until their teammates could come help them be restored, free to walk again. It was a good visual lesson for this life in Christ. We need our teammates.

Definition of immobilized: immovable; fix in place; to prevent the use, activity, or movement, restrict; to render ineffective, stymie

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