Answer To Anxiety

In our lives we have to make decisions on a daily basis. We have conversations and prayers with each other for family, friends and even for those who desperately want to believe more. Each decision and conversation can bring us to wonder if we’ve done or said the right thing. I can’t say this any better than the Word Himself.

In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul.  

Among all my troubled thoughts, your comforts are the delight of my soul

When I was upset and beside myself, You calmed me down and cheered me up

And when I was burdened with worries, you comforted me and made me feel secure

When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul

Whenever I am anxious and worried, you comfort me and make me glad

In the multitude of my inward thoughts, Your comforts delight my soul

*Psalm 94:19

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