Finished For This Life

The kitten had gotten separated from its mother a few days earlier. Alone and fearful, wanting to protect itself from the elements, the kitten found a hiding place under the planks of a porch. In the dark the kitten shivered from the cold and began to hurt for lack of food or water. The only thought the kitten had was to cry out and hope its mother would hear and come to comfort. Mewing as loudly as it could for hours on end it would eventually tire and sleep from exhaustion. Upon waking the kitten began again to mew but grew weaker.

Looking out at the lighted area the kitten saw a small bowl and even smelled food and water. Remembering what its mother had taught, the kitten refused to leave the hiding place for fear of being hurt. A face appeared in the lighted area and made sounds that echoed like its mother but the kitten knew it wasn’t her. Soon a hand was extended and the kitten became terrified, lashing back at the hand with its tiny claws and hissing emphatically. After drawing blood from the hand, it withdrew, and the kitten felt safe momentarily but even closer to collapsing from hunger and thirst.

With no more energy to call for its mother the kitten lay still. The hand returned, but this time seemed to be covered somehow. Weak as the kitten was, it fought off the hand until its muscles could no longer move. Feeling the hand wrap around its tiny body the kitten knew it was finished for this life, its mother had said so.

Years later, lying in the sun on top of the porch, the cat yawned and cleaned itself. Now and again it would think back to the time it hid under the porch in darkness, frightened and starving. That life was definitely finished. The cat loved when the hand would come to pet its fur. Getting up the cat lapped fresh water and ate a bountiful feast.

Psalm 18:35 You have also given me the shield of Your salvation; Your right hand has held me up, Your gentleness has made me great

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