Ask For A Friend

The woman got up early to make coffee and read. As she sat at her kitchen table she saw her bible still sitting where she’d laid it down the week before. Momentarily she thought about trying to read it but with coffee in hand she went to the front door to gather the newspaper from the porch. An hour later after reading all the print she wanted, she began to ready herself for church.

Dressing in her best suit she decided to add a small flower to her lapel. Inwardly she felt lonely and hoped the added touch would draw enough attention that maybe she could make a new friend. Picking up her purse she made sure to pick up the bible before walking out the door.

Coming home later she put her bible back on the table and went to change her clothes. Afterwards she picked up the flower and looked at it closely. It was so pretty but no one seemed to notice and her heart ached with loneliness. Why wouldn’t anyone really talk to her beyond just pleasantries? She had gone to church to make friends.

Taking her flower into the kitchen she put it in a small vase sitting on her kitchen table. Seeing her bible next to it she wondered about something she’d heard in the hymn from that morning. It spoke of having a friend in Jesus and taking it to the Lord in prayer. Sitting down at the table she closed her eyes and spoke a simple sentence, “Jesus, I am lonely and I want friends.” In the quiet she knew she heard a whispered answer. “I AM here, spend time with Me.”

Opening her eyes the first thing she saw was her bible. Reaching for it she let her tears drop onto its cover and opening the pages she began to read.

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