I don’t like what I see in that one over there. I don’t like what I hear in the one speaking next to me. And that one across from me doesn’t look right at all. Why is he laughing too much? Why is she shaking like that? That other guy seems to know it all whenever he gets up to talk. If that woman comes to ask me one more time to how I feel I may run away screaming. The woman who just wants to hug me makes me uncomfortable. What about the guy who seems too jovial or that other guy doesn’t speak at all?

Here is what the LORD says: A cluster of grapes that produces wine is worth keeping! So, because of my servants, I won’t destroy everyone. (CEV Isa 65:8)

Tongue in cheek perhaps, but still a worthwhile observation. We need each other very much to make a great wine for the world to partake of.

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