Her feet loved the warmth the rock had absorbed from the heat of the sun. She had been sitting upon this rock a long while listening to the roar of the waterfall, feeling its mist cover her body, wetting her hair. Gazing at its beauty she silently enjoyed the rainbow hovering above the rushing white liquid. The water flowed from sources she could not see or even imagine for abundance.  This flow poured into a pool of deep green, its depth she couldn’t gauge. All of her senses delighted in this special place.

Her heart and mind turned once more to her true love, her treasure, her Lord. Standing upright she moved closer to the edge where the roar felt as though it would overpower her very thoughts. Looking down at the pool she knew it was time to drown. Diving outward she put her arms overhead letting her hands come together like an arrow. Time felt slow as she sailed through the air from a height that seemed dizzying, wondering if this was what it was to fly. Hitting the water she didn’t do anything to stop her momentum. She could feel her ears pop with the pressure of the water’s depth.

Feeling herself slow, she opened her eyes to see more beauty still. Her body began to rise quickly and breaking the water’s plane her lungs took in a deep breath. Swimming forward she put herself directly under the water’s spillage. Soaking in this place she sang in her heart, “Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls. All Your waves and billows have gone over me.” She began to drown in the love of the Lord.

*Psalm 42:7

Photo source http://www.allabouthoneymoons.com/Blog%20Images/Kauai/Kauai-Waterfall.jpg

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