Theory And Truth

Einstein had a theory which he alone seemed to grasp. It took years for him to be heard as more than one voice among the many offered. Even those of his scientific peers who believed were dissuaded coming to his defense for fear of looking foolish. They needed proof to protect their reputations! His theory was eventually proven by the scientific community. To this day many try to disprove Einstein’s theories. A theory is different than truth.

Jesus didn’t offer a theory, He spoke truth. He said “and whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die”. He proved it by raising Lazarus from the dead. History teaches us that even in the face of evidence; some people want to bury truth out of jealousy.

The Message John 12:9-11 Word got out among the Jews that he was back in town. The people came to take a look, not only at Jesus but also at Lazarus, who had been raised from the dead. So the high priests plotted to kill Lazarus because so many of the Jews were going over and believing in Jesus on account of him.

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