God’s Turtles

I stood in the steam of the hot water for a long time. I wanted to wash away everything heavy but it was taking a long time. Turning the knobs off, I grabbed my towel and began drying myself in the cold air. I could hear conversation in the background and wondered if I’d accidentally turned on a radio channel. There were many voices but I couldn’t make out a single word. Once dressed, I searched the house finding only silence.

Drinking tea to warm up I closed my eyes and wondered about the voices. Were they a conversation from heaven or simply my memory playing back distant voices from the past? Either answer lacked satisfaction. Reaching for my bible I laid it in my lap and began to think about the turtles God had made. They lived in so many environments with their protective shells. Even when they’d find themselves flipped on their backside, eventually they were able to return right side up.

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