Fallen Angels

Sitting at my table I drank my water. I had been out alone and feeling thirsty, and I stopped to refresh myself. I had never been to this inviting place but its alluring music drew me inside.  The décor was easy with palm trees and wisteria vines making it feel like a hidden oasis. I didn’t know the songs playing and each of them echoed in my head with fascination.

Across the patio I noticed a man staring at me intensely. He was incredibly handsome and our eyes met momentarily. He smiled to acknowledge he’d seen me. Quickly turning away, I felt my face cheeks grow hot at his gaze. I looked down at the ice in my glass and tried to ignore this glimpse.

Within minutes the man came to stand at my table. I felt awkward and inexperienced by such attention. He smiled down at me and I couldn’t remember seeing such perfection in a smile. Up close he was even more handsome, and I could feel my heart race wondering why he’d notice me. Introducing himself, he shared his name to be Armi. In my curiosity I asked if it was a nickname to which he shared it to be from Armers. He invited himself to sit down at my table.

For the next few hours I listened to Armi speak to me. My head began to swim just hearing his voice. I swooned to hear his words of flattery, feeling intoxicated by his talk. The music in the background added to the enticement of his words. While my head felt as if I was inside of a fog bank, my chest began to hurt. With each passing minute the pain increased. Soon I could no longer hear Armi speaking; I could only feel the agony in my chest.

Closing my eyes, I reached to put my fingers in my ears, not caring what I looked like. I could feel a wind come into this seeming oasis, shifting the very atmosphere where I sat. Minutes passed and Armi’s fading voice hollered at me to come with him. Keeping my eyes closed, I spoke aloud, “You would entice me with flattery, temptations of beauty, influence and every kind of attraction to my soul. I must close my eyes to you because you are uninvited and simply not allowed.”

Gen 6:2…the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose

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