I close my fingers around the rock in my hand to feel all its edges, enjoying the understanding. As a living stone I realize it’s God holding onto me in His own hand. His touch will eventually smooth my outer sharpness that can hurt others. I snuggle myself deeper into His palm. His love polishes me to shine with His glory.

The Invitation

I watch her from a distance as she walks towards a flame that has been burning forever. The brilliant light is hard to look at and energy waves roll off letting me know I am to keep my distance if I want to stay comfortable. I can only see her from the back and I wonder at her identity. I cannot fathom her lack of fear to keep going forward. What made her come to this decision and how could she find the courage to walk into such a destiny? I see her pause unexpectedly, slowly turning to look back at me. Her arms are extended, inviting me to join her.

I feel my breath catch in my chest when I see her face. I realize I am looking at my spirit beckoning me to come where my flesh does not want to go. Tears burn upon my cheeks knowing my answer to this invitation.

Among The Evergreens

Sitting beneath the shade of Your evergreens I bring my heart out before you. I can feel my voice catch while I confess and spill what I’ve been holding onto. The sun’s heat is upon me but I am not bothered by it. Your shade covers my head while Your light delivers me from any darkness trying to hide within.

In a short time I sense feeling better. I bathe myself in the grace of Your presence. Getting up I put myself in the middle of three tall standing pines. Welcoming Your perfect design, I accept You as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


You make me wait for You

You make me wonder if You are true

And in the waiting


The Rock

I found a rock I could not move and decided I’d build my house upon it.


It felt as though a grenade had gone off in my mind leaving my thoughts in splinters. I could visually see myself gathering pieces of hope from the fragmentation. Each time I’d grab onto a thought of something positive, it was wrapped inside something unsure. Unease draped itself over my shoulders and I could feel it like a blanket of chainmail. It was too heavy for my frame to carry. Bending over from its weight, I could appreciate even this burden. It brought me lower than I’d be without it.

In this low position I spoke my prayer….“Who will give me wings,” I ask-  “wings like a dove?” Get me out of here on dove wings; I want some peace and quiet. I want a walk in the country, I want a cabin in the woods. I’m desperate for a change from rage and stormy weather.  Psalm 55:6-8 (The Message)

Coming Up

A rhythmic pulsing drew me out of my slumber. Opening my eyes I tried to focus on what it was I had been listening to thinking someone’s stereo was too loud. The room was still dark and nothing could I hear but silence. I figured I had lay upon my ear and heard my heartbeat. About the time I was ready to dismiss the sensation, I started grinning. Why would we dismiss the ability to hear our own heart beating? And how wonderful to wake up in such a way! Laying a hand upon my chest I marveled at my Father having created the heart beating in my body. He filled it with love, hopes and dreams.

Laughter bubbled up within me thinking about some song with thump, “I’m coming up so you better get this party started, I’m coming up, I’m coming”. I knew the invitation had been extended and accepted as I slept.

Rev 11:12a Then they heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them, “Come up here.”

Dancing With Beautiful News

It was a gift to be alone without feeling lonely. My house was silent but I could hear a song playing in my heart. I went to my dining area and held out my arms. It was time to dance with the One who held me in eternity. A slow song played and I sway back and forth in the arms of Him who loved me. Words began to fill my ears, “if you know you’re loved by the King, sing, sing, sing, if you know you’re loved by the King than live for Him, live for Him”.

I stopped moving and sunk to my knees, alone in His presence. I didn’t need to speak, I only needed to be still, be quiet and just wait. More words came, “there’s a God who came down to save, show the world His amazing grace, there’s a God who came down to save and He calls your name, it’s the beautiful news, it’s the beautiful news”. *

* Lyrics If You Know You’re Loved, Matt Redman

Simplicity of Existence

I read the letter again trying to understand the questions. I let the pages slip from my fingers to fall to the table. My email sounded for an incoming message. I was being asked if I was okay, it was another reach to understand the questions. I looked out the window to see the wild roses blowing in the breeze. They were so beautiful. I liked to think about their simplicity of existence. No one was asking them why they were red, why they grew the way they did. They were just enjoyed to be what they were meant to be.

I reached for my keys and my Ipod of music. It was time to relax by going nowhere I could be found. It was time to just be.