The Nearness Of Moving Beyond

Splashing water on my face I was shocked by its cold touch. Lifting my head up, I could see my glassy and bloodshot eyes looking back at me. I was feeling less than stellar with a cold coming on. A dizzy sensation made my legs warble some and I grabbed the counter to steady myself. I pulled on the towel dispenser with wet hands but the dizzy hit me and I had to lean again on the counter. I wondered at my sense to even be here.

Heading back to the studio room I quietly entered and lay myself on the floor of rugs and throw pillows. The music comforted and soothed me physically and mentally. I knew others were in the room with me but it was time to leave them and be with my Father.

I closed my eyes and waited for His reality to come once more. In minutes I could see His blue fire come with an invitation to go further into His truth. The sensation of being stuck to the floor came and I felt as if electricity pulsed through me. I concentrated on the fire and it began to change into different images. I could see the Lion. I could see the Lamb. I could even begin to see the eye of understanding. Looking closer I could see the nearness of moving beyond what I saw….

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