Intimacy Pierces Everything

In pondering the truth of intimacy I felt a lack of words. What I wasn’t lacking were emotions. I could “feel” lots of things about it. The surprise was not everything I felt was good. I didn’t always seem to be in control for what intimacy was. Intimacy seemed to be piercing everything. My thoughts, my space, my privacy, in essence me, my very heart.

My Father seemed to be showing me even more truth about what intimacy was meant to be. I could sense wanting to back away. If I could just keep Him out of that one place, or even the other, than I’d never have to face fear. As I wrestled with the emotions, I got up to walk away again, but I am never able to get away from His soft loving voice.

“I know what kind of a person you are and sometimes it’s good to let other people in on the secret.”*

In that one sentence I felt my Father pierce my heart with His intimacy.

* dialogue from a Bones episode

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