Come Back To Me

Come back to Me….

I walked away ignoring the plea. My anger festering within drew me out into the night. The air was cold and I walked alone. The streets were bright with neon signs trying to pull me into places I could spend time and money, where I could spend myself. Eventually I opened a door and walked into the dark interior. Now and again I could still hear the plea, “come back to Me” in quiet moments. Anger held its grip upon my heart and I would ignore its voice.

Decades later I lay beside Your voice and wondered at Your message offering to take me back. When I looked into Your eyes I could see an acceptance I’d never known. My anger began to give way to hope. The invitation came again, “come back to Me”. I looked at my dim surroundings and made a choice to open the door leading into real light. You were faithful to Your invitation and took me back.

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