Watching The Watchers

I got there two steps ahead and grabbed my numbered ticket just before him. We chose seats separated by a room full of people. I was listening to music but looking around at the faces surrounding me. Each time I looked up, our eyes would connect. It seemed he was monitoring the room as much as I.

I began a mental inventory of the people I was sitting with. How many had any kind of hope for heaven? How many lived lives thinking about today only? I began to pray for these lives to come awake. Looking across the room once more, I saw the stranger watching too. I wondered to myself what it was he watched for; inwardly I hoped it was for good things.

2 Replies to “Watching The Watchers”

  1. Debra:

    I read your current articles and then scanned your past articles down to year of 2008. I can see your spiritual growth in your writings, the softening of your soul which brings about the softening of your words. I can see how you have fallen in love with Jesus and Jesus’ peoples.

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