Henry’s Heart Was An Egg

Henry had an egg for a heart. The outer shell was hard, protecting the softness within. From birth he’d been taught to carefully protect his egg. His head was filled with how many ways his egg could break. Henry was careful. He carried his egg with both hands holding it close to his chest for added safe keeping.

One day Henry heard singing and his egg began to vibrate with the beautiful sound. In curiosity he sought out the voice. A woman who lived nearby would come outside to sing in the sun. Henry watched her from a distance. He enjoyed the way his egg vibrated each time she sang.

Henry would come regularly to hear her sing. He longed to get closer to the song. On a bright and beautiful morning he heard the woman sing a song like no other. The vibration of his egg felt wonderful against his chest. This day Henry dared to go nearer than he ever had before. The vibration was even more exquisite. Henry knew the season was changing. The woman never sang without sunshine. Boldly he stepped forward knowing he now could be seen by her.

Looking in his direction the woman smiled. Her eyes were colors he’d never seen. She opened her mouth wider than before, releasing a new sound in her song. The vibration was so powerful Henry felt fear but could not bring himself to leave. His egg proceeded to crack in his hands. Looking down at his chest, Henry saw the softness oozing out. Crying, he let go of his egg. Lifting his hands Henry clapped for the song.