The Hunters

The hunters were twisted in their hearts and minds. In their hands were home made weapons, like potato guns. The hunters had made for themselves elevated positions over the field. Down below were hundreds upon hundreds of people; men, women and children whose faces wore expressions of confusion, pain and anger.

There was a sign of exit across the field blinking “freedom” which the people didn’t seem to see. Instead they kept going around in circles as the hunters barked orders and mocked them. The hunters began shooting their weapons. A web like netting would come out of the ends of these barrels. As it struck a person, they would fall to the ground and be pinned down inside the netting.

The hunters shouted aloud to boast of the numbers being gathered. From their elevations they raised their hands in victory; ignoring the cries of those who lay under the webbed netting, asking to be set free.

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