Nobody Home

Many years back some friends of mine wanted me to go to a concert at the last minute. Being spontaneous in nature, I found myself racing down the freeway with them to try and catch the show. Exiting the car I could feel the drums in the parking lot. With each step, we drew closer to the excitement and I could sense the anticipation for what I was going to be a part of.

Once in the arena, I was entertained by songs I knew well. The familiarity allowed me to join in song. At one point though, one of the lead singers began to sing something I had never heard. Her voice rang out so clear it impacted me with its power. I never forgot the words she sang….”don’t stray too far out on your own, cause when you finally come knocking there’ll be nobody home…nobody home“.

A mere sentence in some song I’d never heard churned in me. The seed was being watered again…to seek Jesus and His call to my heart. I sometimes wonder about the years I missed because I was so slow to answer the knock.

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