Storm Drain

I stood over the storm drain just in case. Waves of nausea came and went. I could feel my cheeks continually flush as my body tried to adjust. Over and over I’d left the car to breathe fresh air as my mouth began to water indicatively.

Cigarette butts littered the ground and I let my mind chase the wondering of who had stood here before me? What was on their mind? As my stomach settled, I watched people come and go. My thoughts became engaged with an internal ache of the heart. These people were seeking help financially. I could relate to that need well, but I knew it to be a band-aid is all. Money would never fix the eternal needs. What good was it to seek funds to pay the rent here on earth if you didn’t have a home in heaven?

I bent over again as another wave of nausea came and I noticed the storm drain to be empty beneath the grate. The rain started once more. It wouldn’t be long before the storm drains were filled again with all things to be washed away.

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