“Why Do You Guys Like Me?”

He didn’t ask many questions but when he did, I could see by the look in his eyes how serious he was. He turned to my friend first and then to me to say he wanted to know….“Why do you guys like me?”

I thought my heart was going to break, but I took care to guard my emotions. My friend and I used different words, but the answer was the same, “he was worth loving.” It was easy to see he didn’t know what to do with such truth; the explanation too simple for his wounded heart and thoughtful mind. His eyes filled with tears and he wiped them away. We kept talking for a short time until it was time to leave.

Once in my car I released the emotions touching my heart. I knew what song was playing in his soul. He was in a battle between what the Lord was speaking to him in truth and what the voice of the enemy was speaking to him in lies…..

Enemy, familiar friend

My beginning and my end

Knowing truth, whispering lies

And it hurts again

And it finds me

The fight inside is coursing through my veins

And it’s raging

The fight inside is breaking me again   *

* Lyrics Red, Nothing And Everything

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