Foundational Rocks

My eyes felt heavy and I longed for my pillow to lean against the cold glass. Waiting wasn’t my specialty, but it seemed like I’d spent a couple days doing just that as needed. My head leaned up against the cold plastic while I sat in my car with a friend, feeling quiet. I’d been with her the last couple of days for these type of moments, and many others the past couple of months. We hadn’t planned them, they just seemed to come about. Those needing help kept coming into the path of our walking friendship.

I keep looking at these moments with more than a casual glance. They are defining my life as I live it, and the character of my nature as it continues to mature into who I am to become. Also, they define the friendships I want to have. Each of these broken people we come together to help seems to put another rock in the foundation of my life.

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