Defined As Warriors

Brave warriors are not talked about much today outside of false characters made up for television or movies, yet they exist all around us. Eyes to see them are all that’s required. Our eyes need a salve to see through the counterfeit into reality. A salve offers remedy for that which ails us. We need to clamor for the medicine meant to save us…its called truth and love.

Defined warriors (only in part of course)

– fathers who stand faithful to their family and fight with faith to keep them strong

– mothers who have the metal to intercede relentlessly, no matter what life is throwing at their children

– the friend who won’t share the secret that would gain them favor in the circle of gossip

– the one who doesn’t concede to defeat because that’s what the doctor report says to do

– relentless prayer when nothing seems to be happening

– unfailing faith in the face of failures

Who of us cannot identify with the definition of what it is to be a warrior? “A person engaged in, experienced in, or devoted to war”. Considering the world we live in and that of our friends and families? I’d say we could all be defined as warriors.

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