Lessons To Be Had

“Just do it! Come on you can do this! Just do it!”

I was in my office trying to write. My window was open and I could see two boys across the street and it was their loud conversation I was hearing. Without a thought for why, I felt compelled to go and “ask”.

It had rained all day and when my socked feet crossed the sidewalk I could feel wetness against my soles. Undeterred I set myself at the edge of the sidewalk to look across the street to begin a conversation I didn’t feel equipped for.

“Hey dudes, I can hear you from my office and I want to know what it is you are discussing because as a writer, I’m curious?”

The older of the two boys stunned me with what he shared back. He said he was trying to encourage his younger friend to “overcome his fears” by just speaking with his voice. I looked at the younger boy and asked his name but he didn’t answer. The older friend told me his name was “Eric”.

I shared with the younger boy a truth about his bravery but he still did not respond. Being a stranger to him I didn’t feel insulted by his silence. Looking at the older boy, I asked his name which he shared to be Pedro. Clearly this young man was an encourager and inspiration. He wanted his friend to be all he could be.

Returning to my office I could only shake my head for the lessons to be had even through our children.

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