Crackpot History

“People come and people go, how long I say, I just don’t know….crackpot history, and the right to lie” *

This dude singing was just a guy in the punk rock eighties scene. No one paid him much attention beyond his music. He didn’t wear a suit or present himself in parliament. Yet….?

I have read dozens of history books, and a truth I have learned, they don’t teach truth in classrooms. In all the classes I was ever made to take to get a ‘higher education or certification’, none made me look at the real history of our nation or even our world.

What I was made to study was the evolutionary lie, and also a psychological frame work of the brain, based on a man’s obvious genius skewed by his drug induced state of mind.

Why are our universities afraid to pursue adamantly this truth? Education has always grown because of challenging ideas. When did we stop testing for truth? Our nation was founded on truth. Let’s go back so we can go forward!

* Adam Ant – Crackpot History (And The Right To Lie)

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