“NOT YET FINISHED” Blinking In Neon

There is a book few read for the truth it speaks, yet everyone is looking to read the “walking book” you supposedly represent because of it. Eyes search everywhere for anyone semi-looking like they believe in something!

Virtually any god-like or religion base will do. You become fair game for the microscopic judgment opinion poll. Of course those who are weighing in on the matter may have an uncalibrated barometer for what they are judging. Without the full knowledge of what’s written in this book of truth, they are always loaded with buckshot (weak weapon with wide spread).

For those being written by the Master Craftsman of the ultimate book, you must have faith for spiritual boundary tape speaking loudly for your own walking chapters to say…”NOT YET FINISHED”. Pray it’s brightly lit in neon and blinks often so the tourists see it well!

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