Indoctrination is something all of us are exposed to in every aspect of life. What it means is literally the process of forming our ideas, attitudes and cognitive strategies. Nowadays we are indoctrinated from the time we are babies by media and culture. The military uses it as a tool to teach soldiers to come into alignment for training and obedience. Basically it’s all about repetitive exposure.

Our generations are bombarded with so much indoctrination it can be difficult to figure out what we are training for or what we need to be obedient to, if anything. Chaos seems to reign free in media. A prime example is the song lyrics, “carry on my wayward son, there’ll be peace when you are done”. Wayward means to have no direction, wandering aimlessly. How can one find peace if you don’t even know what you are looking for or where you are going? Yet this song has been sung over and over by generations without a single notion for what we are singing into our lives.

Songs are fun but it only becomes scary when we remember how much they influence our thinking. They start indoctrinating us with ideas and influence, they become our ideals. Our minds begin to accept what they speak to us and we endorse them when we sing them over and over into our lives as though they matter.

In times of old, the records of history were carried by oral communicators in the form of song. Today, we repeat ourselves to communicate our history in song, but what are we communicating when we sing of ourselves? Are we regurgitating indoctrination of our culture or are we sharing the truth of life?

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