My Brother

Parking my car I noticed the woman sitting in her own car next to me. She was smoking a cigarette and her fingernails were dark red. I put up my shade screen in the windshield but kept wondering about the woman next to me. Who was she and what did her life look like?

My head was pounding. I felt empty and drained of any desire to want to even be here. Inwardly I spoke to my heavenly Father…”Abba, I have nothing to give but if You will show up, I will offer my hands to serve”

I found my husband and asked him to walk with me. I shared with him my lack and my pain. He too spoke a prayer over me while we walked. I was fighting a desire to just quit and go home. We kept walking. I wanted to find the plaque which spoke of peace over our city.

Near the creek we met our brother. He and another man were sharing 40s of beer and commented how they thought us to be “Johnny Law” at first. We laughed but asked if they were hungry? We invited them to come share a meal with our friends if they’d like and waved goodbye.

Later we met them again. They did come to join us for a meal and I was touched as my brother shared his heart with my friend. I couldn’t hear all he spoke but I heard his heart loud and clear. He was looking for love and acceptance. He found more than food to fill his belly; he found food to fill his spiritual hunger.

He wanted prayer and shared how he desired to be completely covered in what we had. It was an easy request to honor. When we asked his name, I learned it to be the same as my own brother whom I love dearly. Never dismissing a coincidence I was blessed to receive a hug from this brother who stood in front of me.

I listened carefully to all I heard, and when my friend prayed, I knew she was listening too. This man’s heart was precious. He carried deep wounds but this day I heard my Father share how He would heal and care for his heart. He loved this heart. He loved our brother very much and will use him to heal other hearts. Quietly I faded into the background to let him chat with others. Mentally I stored his picture and smiled. I was blessed to meet another brother in my growing family.

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