“No Trespassing”

No Trespassing

“No Trespassing” was clearly posted on this property. Most times I respect these signs but this day I took liberty to explore property purposed to fall into ruins. With the help of a friend, I stepped over an aging barbed wire fence. As I walked the property I tried to understand reasons, but none made sense.

A television, refrigerator, couch, bed and even hangers were still inside this abandoned home. Even the most hurried of movers wouldn’t leave so much behind. I even spotted an overhanging lamp still clinging to a roof ready to cave in.

Mysteries in life are all around us and this was one of them. As I walked about the house it was clear this place had become a target range. An entire wall was blotched with bullet holes from amateur marksmen.

Surrounding the house were tall oak trees. Decades had passed to reach such heights. It was obvious that these trees were here long before this home had been given a foundation and they’d be here long after this home was no more.

The Heights


The heights made my stomach lurch some and I couldn’t bring myself to look over the edge of the rock we stood upon. I was good with looking out into the distance, but looking down was far too real for where I stood. Taking a seat, I listened quietly while my friend played her guitar and sang beside me. I quickly got lost in the music playing louder still within my own heart.

Trying to comprehend this vantage point, my life began to wind backwards in years; So many twists and turns, all leading me here to this mountaintop as I marked another year. I could sense my Father’s smile as He watched from above. He knew how my heart was too full to say much. I wondered how long He had been planning this special gift for me?



Skulls and crossbones have been used for centuries as a symbol for cemetery entrances going back to 1700s. Historical research also talks of piracy and a trail going back as far as Knights Templar. In our century we began to use them for warning of poisonous substances. Other cultures use the skull or skeletons for such varied expressions it’s too much to share in depth.

Recently, use of this symbolism in our culture tends to be vague for understanding what people are trying to convey. Are they trying to be cool? How so? Are they scary? If so, again I ask why?

I am only reminded of how we can be dead and yet come back to life from dry bones!

Eze 37:4-5  Then he said to me, “Prophesy to these bones and say to them, ‘Dry bones, hear the word of the LORD! This is what the Sovereign LORD says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life.