Carpe Diem

“Carpe diem”, a famous Latin phrase which in English translates as “seize the day”. The full quote is much deeper however. The entire sentence is “while we’re talking, envious time is fleeing; seize the day, put no trust in the future”. The original source for this thought was from a Roman philosopher named Horace who studied with Greeks in Athens. Greek philosophers made a full time agenda of talking and discussing.

Paul mentioned them in the book of Acts and shared truth with them. Act 17:32-33 (Message) At the phrase “raising him from the dead,” the listeners split: Some laughed at him and walked off making jokes; others said, “Let’s do this again. We want to hear more.” But that was it for the day, and Paul left.

When I think of the full thought Horace wrote, he was on to truth. When we hear truth, are we going to seize it, or will it be just another conversation? Time is short and no one knows what tomorrow brings.

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