Father Figure

A night I remember was one spent on my knees in front of my stereo playing a song over and over. My friends thought I was mental, but it spoke to an empty place in my heart. I had no understanding for why I loved the words. All I could hear at the time was “I will be your father figure”. It was enough for me. Many years passed before the impact of its meaning would hit me.

I will be your father figure, put your tiny hand in mine…so when you remember the ones who have lied, who said that they cared but then laughed as you cried….beautiful darling, don’t think of me…. *

I found my Father, but I didn’t listen to His words close enough. When I finally thought of Him, I did accuse Him of all the wrongs and ills that had ever happened in my life. I didn’t trust Him. I didn’t want Him. I was mad at Him. I blamed Him. I hated Him.

Through it all He kept singing to me of His love. He kept assuring me that He would be my Father figure. I finally came to accept the truth of His song.

I will be the one who loves you, ’til the end of time *

* George Michael - Father Figure

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