Who’s Your Daddy?

“Who’s your daddy?”

In another era this would have been considered an actual question. In today’s language it’s considered a colloquial phrase. For those of us who don’t study the dictionary, just think conversational or even slang. Back to the topic though, “who’s your daddy?”

The significance involved with this specific line of questioning should be interesting to our generation. Is it any wonder it has taken on a life of it’s own in our culture and terminology? How many people do all of us know who have no father in the picture of daily life? What do we even know to be a father figure?

I have heard countless tales of disappointments for our “fathers”. When I dig into the matter it often leads into more tales of disappointments from previous generations.  My heart breaks for those who live in the place of their disappointment, never moving on, always reliving a painful experience.

It’s really time to know who our Daddy is so we can stop faltering by putting all our hopes in the frailty of human beings. People make mistakes. Once we recognize that truth we are free to move on to deeper understanding. Our heavenly Father is the only perfect Daddy. I now have to ask again, “who’s your Daddy?”

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