Assassination Of Character

Character can be defined as the qualities or features that distinguish one from another. Basically it’s who we are seen as by others. The integrity of our character matters to most of us, which is why slander can be such an effective weapon in a war of words. A person’s character is an ever evolving thing, but often people want to decide who we are in a season and plant us forever in that field of final answers for themselves. They rarely take the time to get to know us in more than a passing relationship. Depths of heart are never explored.

The assassination of one’s character is a delicate matter and we need to take great care over what we speak of another. It’s a real stretch for me to not defend myself even when I know I am not guilty of what is being said about me. It’s even more of a stretch not to speak against those I know to be wrong. Trust is a huge factor but it’s not people I’m having to trust, nor is it even myself. My trust lies in the one who will vindicate me.

Psalms 35:23 Awake, and rise to my defense! Contend for me, my God and Lord.

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