Parking was an issue, but I found a local lot that seemed affordable. Pulling my car into a dank corner, the aroma was a wake up call, “I wasn’t in Kansas anymore”. I felt far from home. My bedroom community with strip malls and Starbucks couldn’t be further from this reality. Feeding dollars into a parking meter I waited for my ticket to spit out while absorbing my new existence.

Less than an hour later I was walking among some vendor tents emanating incense and pseudo hope. They sold colorful jewelry and beautifully made scarves. They also sold scrolls to hang on the wall with words that seemed to hold wisdom but held no truth.

At the end of this farmer’s market, I and my friend stopped to take note of a sign which could only be seen if you “looked up”. It was one word but it was the only word which matters…..”TRUTH”

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