Warriors Like David’s Mighty Men

I awoke at 3:20a with an ache in my heart. I hurt for people who didn’t know me. Getting out of the comfort of my bed I made my way to the living room. Leaving the lights out I felt the need to pray for the darkness to be made light. I could hear the rain outside my windows and felt choked up for those sleeping in the wet and cold.

Where did they all come from? Why did they come here, this most darkest of places in a city by the bay? I am flooded by the hope of what we will see in this hour, “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” I see swords unsheathed in this blackness and they are bright. They will lead like warriors in the way of truth.

In one man, David, men found a heart of God. They found a reason to believe there to be hope when all seemed hopeless. As David pursued the nearness of God, the intimacy of God’s very heart, men were naturally drawn to what he had. They wanted that nearness for themselves. David’s mighty men came from questionable beginnings too. From places and situations that were unfavorable.

As I walked among many in the dark, I could see but one thing; warriors waiting to discover their identities, their very destinies. I see the army to awaken and be a force to contend with. I see a fire unquenchable; it will spread from this place, the heart of a city.

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