Dreams Without Definition

I am finding to dream my own dreams leaves me less than satisfied. My imagination is limited by defined experiences or visions planted by others. I want to own the dreams of a child once more. That time when there was no definition to possibilities because I hadn’t yet been taught of the world.

I had a glimpse of those dreams a few days ago. I stuck a coin to a wall wanting to see it stay there…and it did….until I remembered how I had learned it shouldn’t.

Time to close my eyes to all I know and imagine the possibilities of all “I don’t yet know”. That’s where I will find how to dream without definition once more.

The Sum Of All My Fears

Fear has a way of coming at you when distractions are at their max. When you have so much going on you wonder just what it’s going to take to accomplish the tasks. Fear brings its nasty little cousins too, namely anxiety and worry. For me it was time to do some math.

The sum of all my fears versus the sum of God’s promises. It was a no brainer….His perfect love indeed casts out all my fears