My Friend’s Encouragement

We prayed for her daughter who was dying of cancer. I had faith and my friend had desperation to hope in these prayers. She lost her daughter to this disease almost six months later despite all possible treatment options. During this time my friend stopped me in the hall one day to ask if the sins of her past might be a reason for the things happening to her children now. I didn’t even have to think about my answer to assure her forgiveness was absolute and grace was more than enough.

The day I heard of her daughter’s death, I was devastated. My faith filled prayers in agreement with hers of desperation did not get answered in the way I wanted. I had to leave my desk to pour my heart out alone in my car for a while. I knew my Father could have healed this woman but the question remained, why didn’t He?

I still don’t have that answer but my faith is not wavering. I continued to pray for my friend and loved on her as gently as I could. This was a major trial in her life. Would she turn from a God who didn’t answer her desperate plea to save her child ? It’s been over a year now. My friend confesses her faith to be stronger than ever despite yet another trial to her own health this time.

She tells me what an inspiration I am to her. I am choked up even typing those words because she has no idea what she has given me in encouragement.

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