Awaiting Strength

A Valentine’s day potluck was going on but I just wasn’t feeling it and I left to take a drive. A light rain had started as I headed toward the countryside. The trees and grape vines were without leaves or limbs. Winter’s grip seemed to be so tight, but along the roadside were bursts of mustard plants defiantly showing their bright yellow.

I could feel a heaviness want to choke me up. Finding a place to pull over for a bit, I shut off my wipers, letting the windshield become a blur of water. An occasional car passing shook my car with wind gust. I was looking at the road before me but saw nothing at all.

My mind wanted to make its own conclusions but I reached for a truth. I had been here before. This was the place where things didn’t make sense, and my feelings would lie to me. I leaned on the Rock waiting for my strength to return once more.

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