I Can’t Pretend

A  song I was listening to said, “what’s it gonna be ’cause I can’t pretend”. The song itself was referring to a love relationship where the singer wanted more. It yanked at my heart strings for the ache and longing so many of us have within, but we hold back our expression for the thousand reasons we fear sharing love.

What is the biggest reason we withhold? Rejection! That pain of loving someone who may not love you back in the same way you long to be loved. Being a wounded lover myself, I have to revisit that scar and the damage laid upon my soul because of it. Is it really worth holding back my all because I didn’t get my expectations?

I have learned my expectations had been wrong to begin with. The best thing about loving someone is to love them without expectation. That’s where the real freedom lies, in giving away love without restraint.

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