Battle Badges Worn By Survivors

Smith Wigglesworth is one of the most interesting man I have ever read about and has a most inspiring walk of all saints. I tend to understand him easily because he’s not full of empty words. Loving to write myself, at the core of my being, I detest the b.s. (just being real!) of those who speak a flatulence of words without saying anything. It just garnishes the air with a stench of nothing of worth.

As I read this man’s thoughts, he spoke of the victory in battle. Have to tell you I can feel pretty wounded by what I have been through, both past and present, so it was extremely encouraging to take in what he shared about our badges of war. How soldiers who return from various skirmishes are given ribbons or badges to put upon their chest as a visual sign for what they faced; how they were obvious testimonies of survival.

I confess to be a survivor of my own battles but I haven’t yet worn the badge for all the world to see. Up to now I have felt beaten down by the lie of shame for having been in the battle in the first place. I was reminded that it’s in the trial where we are made perfect. How can I expect to help others coming behind me if they can’t see an outward sign that “yes”, I made it through the war”?

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