All Of Me Now


Sports fans or rock concert fans, do you jump out of your seat and raise your hands in the air to celebrate a scoring of your team or a favorite song? I love a good celebration of joy that causes my whole body to enter into the moment with enthusiasm.

Not long ago I was up in the mountains to enjoy a most beautiful day. My husband and I were returning from a getaway at a favorite locale. The drive was breathtaking and at an overlook I asked to pull over. Getting out of the car I stood on the edge of the mountain to look deep into valleys. I was in awe of the heights where I stood. You could see for miles to other mountains. Looking up were blue skies with smatterings of fluffy white clouds.

In the background I could hear our car stereo playing a worship song, carried in the breeze. This beauty humbled me. I was so small in comparison to this mountaintop and the majestic vantage. My only response was to give in to what I was feeling in heart and spirit. I entered into a moment of celebration with all of my body. Lifting my hands to the sky I declared the greatness of my King. He deserves all of me, no matter where I am celebrating.

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