Choose Wisely

Security for each of us differs in many ways. For some it’s money, our looks, a job, a home, food, car, friend or whatever you can imagine. In many lives the ultimate security is to have a relationship. Understanding this thinking didn’t really sink deep into me until I had been in a relationship that mattered for a few years.

In years past, my own life was one of casual surrender to a desire, but I refused to acknowledge the fullness of my need. My marriage has been a teaching ground for what it means to trust and walk in the unknown of what surrendering all of myself looks like. To give anyone your complete trust is to hold back nothing of yourself or your own desires. You are trusting the relationship enough to understand a love so powerful, you have no hesitation to walk head on into whatever it may bring. You no longer control a thing….you are living in faith for what this relationship will offer.

We must choose wisely who we will be in relationship with.

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