You ever have a conversation where someone steps upon a landmine in your history of life? They didn’t mean to but hey, that’s just your damage detail right? War torn country for sure! Somewhere in your discussion they have tapped into something painful you feel from your past. In these moments I have to hope they don’t realize what they’ve done. I put myself in check not to be outwardly wounded or offended.

My mind doesn’t always shut down when I want it to about such things. I find myself wondering if I am such an open book that anyone could read the personal chapters written about me by others? I only wonder because I sometimes feel I have x-ray vision into the soul of those who have been hurt. What I don’t have vision for are details of the hurts. I am grateful not to know details actually, it helps me focus on compassion.

As a wounded soul being healed, my desire is to understand the needs of another soul in pain and come alongside them in support and love. I may have to carry first aid supplies, just in case I accidentally step on one of their landmines. I need to be prepared for the unknown. The best way I know, is to not rely on myself, but to pray for my heavenly Father’s mercy and grace He gives so abundantly.

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